Arts East New York, Inc. was founded in 2009 by East New York resident Catherine Green and its mission is rooted in the idea that inspiring a community through Arts & Culture sets a sustainable pattern of resident-led development. Through community beautification, youth programs, and cross-sector initiatives AENY has a proven track record of bringing out the best in East New York.

Building on 7 years of establishing a strong and sustainable cultural infrastructure for this community, our programs have been able to support and grow AENY’s mission.


Arts East New York is committed to presenting promoting and preserving multicultural arts and to address socio-economic issues that hinder the growth and development of our community.

Purpose & Vision

We believe that arts and culture are an essential component of community life and show casing these works is essential to the strengthening of our community and its people. Arts East New York offers a variety of cultural events to target and make a powerful impact on the socio economic ills that are statistical problems in our community. We showcase the following artistic expressions as a vehicle for change.

Our vision is to enhance the spiritual, cultural and artistic wellbeing of our community through research, education, support, community partnership and resources.