About AENY


ARTs East New York Inc. (AENY) is committed to promoting multi-disciplinary arts as a means to address socioeconomic issues facing East New York, Brooklyn. Our innovative efforts foster entrepreneurs and industries that support the local economy, reduce crime and recidivism, heighten awareness around healthy living, and instill community pride. Our cultural initiatives improve livability and encourage economic development outcomes that empower current members of the community and set a path for sustainable neighborhood growth.

Founded in 2009 by East New York resident Catherine Green, AENY serves a community faced with disproportionate needs. According to the Department of City Planning, the East New York community has New York City’s fastest growing population as it receives residents being priced out of other areas of the city. Despite this drastic increase in its number of residents, the neighborhood is behind the pace of planning and growth demonstrated throughout the rest of the city. AENY’s mission is rooted in the idea that enlightening a community through culture sets a sustainable pattern of development. With each program and project produced, AENY is building the infrastructure necessary to support economic opportunity, cultural unity, and educational access.